nome do meio
rocky, the dog assistant
the dog is very confused
5860,58 km
ser visto

5860,58, 2016

“5860,58 km” talks about a journey made by stones which were found and taken to another country, as if migrating willingly. This displacement took place in five different european countries during one month, jumping from country to country and city to city - completing a total of eight exchanges. Via Google Earth, the video travels with the viewer going through the places where the stones were found and repositioned, in a sort of digital collage and with the addition use of photographs that capture the exact moment when the exposed stone was changed.
The main focus of the action is the body, found in the object and the transport itself. The object and the place that receives it suffer a transformation. In each place a stone is taken and then added. The two forms come together. The memories merge from the place to the object, turning into something new. The distance remains between the bodies and the places. The reception, the solitude and the abandoned stay.
The story of each stone is unknown before and after the act.

Performance-Installation, HD Video
color no sound, 8'56''