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<Ciclo de Amizades> (2019-2022) is a project focused on breaking the individual process into artistic togetherness, through affection and collaborative thinking. Inês Brites invites an artist-friend to fuse work pieces with her, in her studio space, between 6-12 days. Ciclo begins with processing ideas, doing practical work and end up with 1-3 days of public exposure. There’s a dedicated space in her atelier for this purpose. There is no previous guidelines or premisses, only when the peers start the residence in the studio and together choose what intentions are important to their public display. From Ciclo 03 to Ciclo 07, this project is supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

lea managil 01

tânia geiroto marcelino 02

andré costa 03

diogo lança branco 04

catarina real, maura carneiro 05

rui castanho — soon 06

cristiana cruz forte — soon 07