White Safari Tent 2020
installation with aled simons
rat trap x g39 residency in cardif, walles

O Stand 1.1 2020
installation with sara mealha

O Melhor Amigo do Cão 2019
video stereo 16:9, color, sound, 1’27’’

O Melhor Amigo do Cão follows the digital gesture of zooming a photo of a dog and its presumed owner, like a walk through the graphic elements that create this image in its entire form; see this gesture as a caress from the outside to the inside of the screen.

Rocky, The Dog Assistant 2018
viideo pal 4:3, color, sound, 4’11’’

Rocky, The Dog Assistant is a re-creation of the Microsoft Office Assistant. In order to reflect on the objectification of virtual friends and their virtual communication, the user / tool relationship is presented in a contradictory dialect where the user ignores the purpose of the tool and gets lost in the possibilities of virtual experimentation.
When Rocky utters the words "Erase me if you do not like me," the piece questions the user's own awareness of power over the assistant, as well as its permission to dictate that the user can extinguish it any time.
Rocky The Dog Assistant seeks the collective memory of technology in a space where technology itself is questioned in its relationship with the human creator.

5860,58 km 2016
performance-instalation-video (hd, colour, no sound, 8'56'')

5860,58 km talks about a journey made by stones which were found and taken to another country, as if migrating willingly. This displacement took place in five different european countries during one month, jumping from country to country and city to city - completing a total of eight exchanges. Via Google Earth, the video travels with the viewer going through the places where the stones were found and repositioned, in a sort of digital collage and with the addition use of photographs that capture the exact moment when the exposed stone was changed.
The main focus of the action is the body, found in the object and the transport itself. The object and the place that receives it suffer a transformation. In each place a stone is taken and then added. The two forms come together. The memories merge from the place to the object, turning into something new. The distance remains between the bodies and the places. The reception, the solitude and the abandoned stay.
The story of each stone is unknown before and after the act.